HL Safeguarding is a highly specialist safeguarding consultancy.

We are dedicated to helping charities, businesses, religious orders and NGO’s in the UK and internationally, ensure that any children or other vulnerable and/or ‘at risk’ groups in their care, are able to develop and enjoy their lives safe from harm, abuse, and neglect.

Wherever your organisation may be operating in the world, you can rely on our very experienced team to provide you with the comprehensive support you need at every stage of the safeguarding process, from proactively identifying and addressing potential safeguarding risks to policy development, staff training, and ultimately, conducting investigations where things have gone wrong and managing any legal action you find yourself facing.

As a specialist safeguarding consultancy, we can also assist you with independent safeguarding audits and should the need arise, we can conduct forensic investigations that will clearly identify areas that need improvement within your organisation’s safeguarding policy.

Regardless of the work you do, the services you provide and where in the world you are, what is most important to you are the communities you care for and reputation you have worked so hard to build. 

Therefore, our primary aim is to identify and prevent harmful or abusive behaviour before it occurs.

However, if things have gone wrong, our experienced team will provide quick and effective support for you and your colleagues, both in country and in the UK, by:

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