Dedicated to Preventing Abuse:

Our expert safeguarding team are committed to working with organisations to ensure that they operate to a consistently high standard, create and maintain an environment and culture that is free from violence, abuse or exploitation. We believe in the importance of a proactive and preventative approach within organisations as this is undoubtedly the best way to minimise the risk of such harm from occurring as well as the associated reputational damage and crisis.

We work closely with a diverse range of organisations within and outside the United Kingdom such as:

  • Schools;
  • Sports organisations.
  • Professional membership bodies;
  • Charities;
  • Non Government Organisations (NGO’s)
  • Religious organisations;
  • Further or higher education providers;
  • Community based corporations; and
  • Private sector companies, who are keen to create and enhance a sustainable safeguarding environment

We provide added value to the work and thought leadership of these organisations and the communities or sections of society they serve through innovative and adaptable safeguarding solutions.

Our extensive and specialist expertise and experience is dedicated to helping these organisations achieve and maintain a safe organisational culture that is completely aligned to the organisation’s values, best practice and the applicable legal framework.

We recognise that the legal duties of an organisation may sometimes conflict with safeguarding best practice. We help organisations to explore these and other issues and provide guidance and support on the best approach in balancing and managing these competing demands.

Our expertise includes advice on best practice in relation to

Good Governance – Proactive Management Services

  • Review, evaluate and measure performance, safeguarding cultures and processes, including the provision of professional inspection services and gap analysis of safeguarding processes and systems
  • Employee screening and assessment
  • Training and education programmes, tailored to operational environments
  • Specialist consultation in developing safeguarding policies and processes to evolve with the threats and risks associated with your activities
  • Guidance and specialist support in conducting risk assessments, safety planning and management for a person of concern
  • Wellbeing and support

Managing and Responding to Allegations of Abuse

Our Specialist Response Services includes:

  • Conducting and co-ordinating independent and external forensic investigations in the UK and abroad
  • Reporting processes to regulators and coordination of any statutory involvement and law enforcement
  • Establishment and contribution to decision making panels
  • Specialist consultation
  • Wellbeing support

Redress Management:

We excel in the design and implementation of effective and adaptable solutions (to a national or international standard) which best encapsulates the hallmarks of a safe and protective safeguarding culture.

We facilitate, enable and manage various models of complaint handling tailored for individual organisations and their circumstances that:

  • respects both complainants and respondents
  • upholds the standards and integrity of the organization,
  • promotes the safety of children and adults with whom the organization engages and
  • is fair, independent and impartial
  • schemes for participating institutions to provide redress through an independent survivor focused, trauma informed, pastoral and therapeutic process.
  • tailored training for organisations that align to prevention of misconduct.
  • Offer a tailored organisational or independent national/international Redress scheme with an in-built sustainable legacy 
  • Nexus report and learning outcome
  • Facilitating institutional/cultural change and response
  • Recovery plan
  • Reputational management  [ victim focused, trauma sensitive, non-adversarial based scheme]

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