NGOs need to mobilise huge teams at a moment’s notice to
respond to emergencies in some of the most remote areas of the
world. But how can you be sure you have sent the right people
and how do you make sure those you do send will conduct
themselves as you’d expect once they’re on the ground?

HL International Safeguarding’s highly experienced team
will help you design and implement the safeguarding
framework your NGO needs to mitigate the potential risk
of accusations of abuse.


With so much to manage as you look to improve the
situations in some of the world’s most troubled areas,
how can you make sure you select and deploy the right
people and ensure their behaviour is without reproach
once they arrive?

This is exactly the support HL International Safeguarding
has been created to provide. We will help you improve
your charity’s approach to safeguarding and better
protect you against the risk of allegations of abuse


Churches and faith-based groups play a crucial role in the
lives of children, young people and the most at risk people in
our society but do you have everything in place to keep your
congregations safe and respond immediately, effectively, and
compassionately to any allegations of abuse?

This is where HL International Safeguarding will help.
We will help your church or religious order improve
your approach to safeguarding and minimise the
threat of allegations of abuse.